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YOW 2038

What is the Master Plan?

  • It is a document that establishes a strategic approach to address the future of the airport by creating a 20-year development framework (to 2038) that will ensure the best use of YOW’s fundamental resource – land.

  • YOW 2038 will review recommendations from the previous Master Plan and identify new priorities and approaches.

  • The Master Plan will identify:
    • How the needs of stakeholders and the communities we serve will be met in the future;
    • How growth in passenger, aircraft and cargo volumes will be accommodated;
    • How our longer-term viability will be supported;
    • How our key strategic objectives will be achieved.

  • The Master Plan serves as a planning framework to ensure short-term developments do not impede longer term objectives.

Why is the airport updating its Master Plan?

  • YOW is updating its Master Plan in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the Ground Lease with Transport Canada which requires the airport to update its Master Plan every 10 years.

  • The Master Plan document also assists airport management in making informed decisions about the timing and estimated costs of future improvements, action plans and preferred development solutions.

What will be undertaken as part of the Master Plan Update?

  • Forecasted aircraft, passenger and cargo activity through to 2038.

  • Airfield, landside and terminal building capacity assessments.

  • Phased development concepts aimed at relieving capacity shortfalls.

  • A Needs Assessment for all aviation-related support systems including runways, taxiways, aprons and all airfield lighting systems.

  • An updated Land Use Plan that will demonstrate where and how future growth and development of the airport lands will occur over the next 20 years.

What is the project timing?

  • The process began in June 2017 with a public project launch on June 7, 2017. There will be community meetings in Ottawa and in Gatineau at key milestones.

  • The Project will be completed in early 2018.


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