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What does YOW mean?
All airports are assigned a three-letter identifying code that is determined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Most Canadian Airports begin with the letter Y (some begin with Z) as an indicator of Canada followed by an acronym for the city, Ottawa being OW.
Who do you mean by stakeholders?
Primary stakeholders are those with a direct interest and/or a major stake in the operation and future development of the airport). Secondary Stakeholders are those with an indirect interest in the operation and future development of Ottawa Airport.
How will the public feedback be used? How will you inform the public about how their feedback influenced the plan? How will you report back to us?
At the end of each phase of consultation, we will compile all of the feedback received to help us develop clear options to present to our stakeholders during the next phase. Information collected will be summarized in a publicly available Consultation Summary Document, which will be posted to our YOW 2038 website for your reference upon completion of the Master Plan.
How do we get feedback on the plan and its progress?
You can receive YOW 2038 Master Plan project updates and notifications of engagement events and public meetings by email by signing up to Stay Connected.

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To submit project-related questions or comments, please email at
Is the airport planning to offer an increased number of non-stop domestic and international flights?
New destinations and frequencies are a high priority for the Airport. We capitalize on every opportunity to discuss the possibility of additional routes with Canadian, U.S. and international airlines. We believe strongly, that under the right circumstances many of these opportunities can be successful. However scheduling and routing decisions are managed by airlines and not airport operators. Favorable decisions are usually derived when an airline considers a route as having sufficient market demand to ensure profitability.
Is the airport planning to offer more restaurant and shopping options, with extended service hours?
As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our customers have world class facilities and experience while traveling through the Ottawa Airport, the Airport Authority frequently undertakes a review of available restaurant and shopping options with the deliberate objective of ensuring we have implemented best practices to meet customer demand through offerings, services, operating hours and sustainability.
What are the airport’s plans to improve access to the airport by public transit?
The airport is currently serviced by OC Transpo Route 97, which connects the airport to Downtown Ottawa along the transitway (bus rapid transit). The City of Ottawa is planning to extend the existing 0-Train Trillium Line to provide light rail transit (LRT) access to the airport by 2021, as part of the City's Stage 2 LRT project.

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